Why Consciousness is the Key to the Law of Attraction


Take a moment and delve into your awareness of what you want most in life – your dreams, your successes, your personal realization. In order to attract what you want, you must first become a vibrational match to those realities. Those realities that you want for yourself are there in potential. You can “extract” those realities out of the canvas of the universe the same way Michelangelo “extracted” David from a piece of marble. You are the artist who creates your life.

But your tools are not a hammer and chisel. Your tool is consciousness. Consciousness is your true, fundamental tool, not visualization or imagination. This is because you can visualize all day long and still not be conscious that you are not a vibrational match for the reality that you want to experience.

It’s not about visualizing into the ether; it’s about allowing your consciousness to transform you into that visualization. You may have dreams, visions, and thoughts about your goals, but they will not answer your call until you change yourself, until you becoming consciously aligned with what you desire.

Are you sure that you can become a millionaire? Well, are you a millionaire already or not?

Hold that thought…

Maybe you want to have the best relationship with you current life partner. Well, are you having the best relationship with your partner right now, or are you still wanting it? If you are still wanting it, then you are not yet a match for it, are you? Keep in mind if you are still striving for something you want, then you are not yet a match for it. This awareness is where transformation begins.

Ask your consciousness to let you know if you are there now or not.

Start a relationship with your awareness. Your awareness is essentially one and the same as your consciousness.

You cannot hide. Forget it. Just start to make friends, best friends, with your consciousness. This is you. Become close with yourself, and your life will quickly transform in miraculous ways.

Consciousness is king, I like to say. We could also say consciousness is king, queen, and the greatest power in the universe. In fact, there is no other true power. It’s the one power of existence. The good news is that it is there to help you.

That’s right, your consciousness is conscious of you, and it wants to help you. It’s kind of weird, but you are consciousness, yet there is a layer of you that has a higher perspective of you. That higher part of yourself can help you to pinpoint and expose the truth – the truth in all its glory.

You Want Truth

Let’s face it; you need the truth. You need to know what your current reality is and is not, and you need this awareness in high definition. You see, we are often blinded as to how we show up in the world, and we need a higher consciousness to guide us.

Ask Your Own Master

Here’s how to ask:

Think or speak the following:

Consciousness that is conscious of me, here is my question to you…

Pause for a moment, and make a connection. You can do the classic, eyes-looking-up-gesture. Yet, this time, feel a conscious, benevolent presence. This may create an urge to take a deep breath. Great, you’re on track! When you exhale, send that breath up to your consciousness, as if sending up a prayer for answers. Now ask:

In what way am I not aligned to my dream life?

Feel free to plug in any specific goal here.

Here are other questions you might also ask:

In what way is my heart not in alignment with who I truly am?

Why I am not attracting the life I want?

Whatever the answer is, know that it is your own consciousness lighting up your awareness. Don’t make too big of a deal out of it. Just be natural. Know that all the answers lie within you.

Attraction Time

Once you illuminate your state of reality, just stay conscious and allow your underlying intention to transform your limiting emotions, thoughts, and perceptions into emotions, thoughts and perceptions that are in alignment with your dream life.

With consciousness as your fundamental pillar of power, you can take off into a new reality. Then you can visualize and imagine with strength and power. You can manifest what you already are. You can celebrate what is already real within.

Whatever you want, it’s already alive and within you. Let that which you want vibrate. Feel the currents of vibration within you. Let what you want then fuse with you, with the old stuff already part of you. It’s just stuff of the universe and nothing else really. You contain all possibilities. Create yourself. Let that become the new you. Let the real you unfold and expand.

It will always get better. There is always a new adventure. So journey on, my friend.

About the Author

Victor Da Ponte is quickly becoming known for his profound I AM transmissions that shift limitations on a dime and align the body and mind to infinite potential.

Source: disclose.tv

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