How to use the power of intention to manifest what you want

Deepak Chopra explains in his book, “The Seven Spiritual laws of success” that Intention is a like a trigger to our energy flow. Whatever you put your focus on gets your attention and energy right? Intention is the purpose or the reason behind that attention, that clarity of thought as to “why” you are doing.the power of intetion

A lot of times we have a goal and we have a ruthless attitude towards it i.e. “I want it no matter what” mentality. As we have seen in our previous articles about the law of attraction, the more “needy” mind set we live in, the more energy we spend in hoping and craving and ultimately spend less energy on giving our best and achieving our goal. So the first heads up about Intentions is to make them in a fulfilled state. Stating your intentions after a meditation session by writing it down and visualising your goals is a way to do that. Intentions are like sowing seeds by stating to the Universe about the direction you want your life to take.

Intentions and goals are different. Intension is like a theme and goals are the ways to achieve that intention. For example, the intention can be to stay health, the goal can be to run a 5 kilometre distance within half an hour.

Intention is best stated in a calm state and not something which you repeat often in your mind. Once you are stated it clearly in a relaxed state, let it go and enjoy the flow of life. Plan things and execute them but be careful about making the goals into an attachment. Attachment is when we believe that we won’t to be able to live fully unless we have our goals met. You may read the book “Way to love” by Anthony De Mello to learn about ways to go beyond attachments. When you are filled with enthusiasm about the task in front of you and enjoy the energy, why would you spend time on imagining future outcomes.

stated in a calm state

If you are yet to articulate your intentions, stop beating yourself up, focus on your needs and passions and have a clear intention of finding your intentions and goals. Meditate and contemplate over your life situation and set your priorities. Like affirmations, set your intentions on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Whenever you feel down on energy or pessimistic, go to a relaxed state for a few minutes and contemplate on your intention, it will trigger the positivity and energy in you that otherwise would have been drowned out by the noise of your mind.

When contemplating on your intentions, also focus on the bigger picture of how the changes you desire are going to effect the world positively i.e. your family, friends, colleagues etc. This will fill you with boundless enthusiasm and improve your vibes.

To summarise the Intention process

  1. Articulate

Come up with the direction you want your life to take, not necessarily the actual goal. Write it down. Say it out loud and see how it feels. If you are confused about your intention, don’t worry, meditate and brainstorm for the various changes you want to see in your life.

  1. Meditate

You need to have a clear mind to send your intention to the universe. Meditate and state your intention and feel fully how your goals will affect you and the world positively.

  1. Attachment

Make sure you are not attached to the outcomes. Attachments lead to fear and you will not be able to give your best.

  1. Take Action

Act in awareness. Trust the flow of life, that whatever happens it is for your best and be in “fulfilled” state instead of a “needy” state.

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