Things that Happy People Do Before Going to Sleep

Happy People Do Before Going to Sleep
Happy People Do Before Going to Sleep

Happy People Do Before Going to Sleep

Sleeping is a critical part of everyone’s life. The things that you do before bed are very important and determine how well you will sleep. While many people watch TV till late, some are hooked on social media and go to bed when their eyes can no longer stay open. But are these the best practices before bed?

Happy people have rituals that they practice before going to bed. These rituals help them relax so that when they are under covers, they can sleep peacefully and below are some of them.

They Meditate

Happy people always take a few minutes before bed to meditate. Meditation improves brain work and helps fight stress. No wonder they are happy they next day. This practice also boasts of many other scientific benefits including reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. When you meditate before bed, you clear your mind of all the troubles of the day and get your body ready for the next day.

Happy People Read

It is also easy to notice that happy people will always read before going to bed. Note that this is not reading newspapers, blogs or magazines but real books, articles, and stories that are inspirational. A great inspiring book makes the imagination see positive pictures and motivates the person before bed. If you fall asleep feeling good about yourself and the world, you will rest fully and wake up the following day full of desire to accomplish your goals.

They Relax

Meditation is one of the relaxation techniques that happy people turn to before going to bed. There are still countless other ways to relax because they know being stressed has nothing to do with happiness. Some of them take a long bath with bubbles while others enjoy an evening cup of tea. They also have relaxing hobbies like knitting and drawing.

They Feel Gratitude


Happy people are always grateful. Many of them have this ritual where they close their eyes and think about things that they are grateful for. Acknowledging the good things that other people did for you leaves you motivated and there is no better feeling than going to sleep with good thoughts and appreciation.

They Pray

Apart from just being thankful, happy people pray before bed. Whether you are a church goer or not, you know at least one prayer. There are people who have nothing but wake up happy the following day. Have you ever wondered why? Many of them pray before they go to bed. No matter the mood of the day, prayer relaxes you making it easy to fall asleep. It also helps you wake up feeling alive and happy.

Take Deep Breaths

Breathing is what keeps people alive. Other than just keeping us alive, happy people take deep breaths before bed because it takes them to transcendental states of consciousness. These deep breaths also relieve stress and tension and also enhances your breathing. Breathing deeply goes hand in hand with smiling because it flexes muscles and takes away any anger that you may have before bed.

How comfortably you sleep is a factor of many things and happy people understand this. It is for this reason that they practice these and many other relaxation habits before bed.

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