The power of your thoughts

the power of your thoughts and the law of attraction

Have you ever wondered who the key-holder of your reality is? Why do things manifest in your life the way they do? I have been asking myself this questions for years, trying to make sense of everything that seemed to appear out of the blue in my life. I have been witnessing wonderful things unfold and earth-shattering events that altered the way I responded to myself and life in general. I was put face to face with realizing my own automatisms and I had to deal with the momentum created by my core beliefs.


What is a core belief?

It is a deeply imbedded pattern of thinking, a view upon something or a judgement that took form in my unconscious mind during my upbringing. These beliefs function as reality filters: they alter the way I relate to myself and others, by subjectifying everything that comes into my reality.

Subjectivity represents the appanage of the mind, whereas living within objectivity pertains to the heart space. Subjectivity is taking everything personally and making your image of the self the revolving center of your existence; being overly subjective attracts inner turmoil and conflicting situations, the same way the practice of objectivity promotes a state of peace and gracefulness.

The mind is a wonderful servant but a dangerous master.

The mind is a great tool in analyzing and organizing small facts. It is useful in bringing a business to life, in coordinating an event or strategizing anything. Imagine the mind as being wide and shallow. It cannot connect with the essence of living, it can only poorly recreate this link. The creative flow does not spring from the head, it originates in the depths of the true self.

Once we begin to realize the importance of using our thoughts properly, thus transforming the mind into a harmony generator, the quality of living starts to improve. We need to understand that unhappiness does not come from situations or people, but from the thoughts that we believe regarding those circumstances. Great strength comes from being able to disengage from harmful thoughts and redirect our attention towards a more positive focus. The moment we hold on to a thought, it becomes reality.

The connection between mind and thoughts?

The mind is a space that is correlated with the other aspects of your being: spiritual, ethereal, emotional and physical. Thoughts represents energy forms that continually travel all around us; we attract the thoughts that correspond with our current state and core beliefs. The more we think a thought, the powerful it becomes. The vibration of our thoughts transforms our energy field and ultimately changes our worldly experience. This is why practices such as mindfulness meditation are essential tools for stepping out of the cluttered head zone and immersing into a state of peace and completion.

Intention is what sets in motion our lives. Intention represents moving into the truth of our soul, thus reclaiming our state of forgotten empowerment. Most of us have been programmed into lingering in a state of victimhood and pursuing superficial goals. This programming happened by default as we were raised in a contrasting society by care-givers who unwillingly perpetuated unhealthy thought patterns. As children, we learned how to meet our needs in disadvantageous ways or we learned not to fulfil them at all, we began to believe that we have no control over our lives and that, in fact, there is no way out of the state of perpetual ‘wrongness’.

What does it mean to have control over your life?

To have control is to become the master of your own thoughts and understand the interdependent nature of the world at large. The mastery of living resides in the awareness of being and this awareness transcends all that is unnatural, head-made and superfluous.

Improving your life always starts here and now, with acknowledging the power of your thoughts. There is no greater accomplishment than becoming the master of your mind and the artisan of your thoughts.

In what way can thoughts be used as gateways towards personal and spiritual expansion

  1. Look at your mental space. Realize the quality of your thoughts.

    Ask yourself: do these thoughts benefit me? How does continually thinking this thought make me feel? As you become increasingly aware of your mind’s chatter, you will notice that forcing the thoughts to stop is impossible; with force always comes conflict. The way out of our mind’s noise, is to cultivate the music of silence and this can be done only by meditation or other mind quieting rituals (such as painting, coloring, singing, dancing, spending time in nature and any other activity that raises your vibration).

  2. Write down any mood-lowering thoughts.

    You can write a journal of painful thoughts – thoughts that serve you no longer ( such as the “I am not good enough” thought); putting them on paper or screen, helps with shedding light on the unconscious aspects that keep pushing through these thinking patterns. After writing down these uncomfortable thoughts, consciously shift your attention on thoughts of gratitude. Look at what you have, instead of what you lack. There is a heaviness imbedded in negative thinking and a lightness associated to calming and reassuring thoughts. Our minds tend to give more power to the denser thoughts and ignore the others. Patiently train yourself into staying into the light.

  3. Know that you are worthy of receiving what your heart desires and that your needs surface in order to be met and not neglected.

    Know that change starts with the thoughts that you allow yourself to believe, and then reflects in your words and actions. You cannot be thinking thoughts of hatred towards yourself and expect to be fully loved by everyone else. What is outside mirrors what is inside yourself. Look within yourself and see where you are now; and from this point, anchor yourself into thinking thoughts that feel a little better. Remember that if a thought produces internal turmoil, it is not serving you.


We are what we think. Sink into this realization.

Investigate your mental space with honesty and choose to stop the perpetuation of negative thinking patterns. Declutter your head though meditation and other cleansing procedures that appeal to you. And most importantly, allow the fragrance of high vibrational thoughts to paint your life with the colors of love, compassion and acceptance.

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3 Comments on "The power of your thoughts"

  1. I have confirmed that I can control or change my thought to make me feel better but that only lasts a short while, its not long after that the thought process begins to diminish and eventually turns negative as if without faith and challenging my belief.

  2. Mircea Murariu | January 19, 2016 at 3:10 am | Reply

    I am open to recive abundance so I can become abaundace.
    I am a new beginning

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