Morning exercises to make the Law Of Attraction work for you


Each present moment welcomes us to the rest of our lives. The way we handle the gift of now sets new possible outcomes and guarantees a shift in consciousness, as inertia cannot survive the consistency of presence. Even if with time we have become more disconnected from our earthly and heavenly roots, this doesn’t mean that we no longer attune to the cycles of the planet and the cosmic harmony of the celestial bodies. We are more impacted by the outside world than we’d like to accept. We got used to shortcuts: coffee, medication, distraction – all indicators that we are bypassing something that needs to be addressed. The fact is that this avoidance has become the main way we can cope with our sorrow, fear and plain pain.

It is said that if you want change, start with yourself and do it now. There is no better moment than the present for you to plant the seeds of growth. You can practice mindfulness and breathing exercises at any given time: in the shower, in your car on the way to work or while preparing dinner or walking the dog. Nevertheless, establishing some kind of routine is essential for creating a spiritual habit that promotes a heartfelt connection to yourself and the world as a whole. Morning and night routines are easier to install, and they ensure your peace of mind during the day and the relaxation of your body during sleep.

While engaged in your spiritual practice, you can make use of the elements. You can use the Sun’s energy at dawn, or when you wake up, you can welcome into your being the softness of the sunset in the evening, you can summon the Moon at night. The Universe is abundant, and intuitively you always know what the best moment for self-alleviation is. Because this is what we do when we practice any type of meditation or practice – we are lessening the resistance that we have towards what we mostly desire. Fear, apathy, anger, frustration, lack of confidence – are all marks of this resistance that seems to hold us back.

“The harder you try to be positive, the harder you resist being negative; and whatever you resist is the thing that persists.” Teal Swan

If you are facing a lot of resistance in your life, as the majority of us does, you can use the Sun’s energy to generate a sustainable shift in yourself. If you open yourself to this cosmic element, you will see that its energy is the main healer of the Solar Plexus center. This chakra is the one that regulates your emotions, self-confidence and feeling of empowerment. When you have a hard time manifesting what you desire, this means that your Solar Plexus is unbalanced.

I have created a series of morning exercises that can help you align with bringing into your life whatever you wish for:

In the morning when you wake up, say out loud or think to yourself: “I am grateful. Today everything is going to be well”. A good day doesn’t necessarily begin in the morning, but a head start is always auspicious.

Before you get out of bed, place your hand on your chest and quiet down your mind. You are now connecting with your heart. You can say to your heart: “Thank you. I appreciate you.”

As you start your morning, think about what you need to do that day. Know that with each moment, you are closer to your goals. Ask yourself: “What can I do today to align more with my desires?” For example, if your desire is becoming known for a project that you’ve been conceptualizing, contemplate on making one small step today towards your purpose. It doesn’t matter what that step is: you can write down your thoughts, or decide to do a little research, or contact someone you’d like to collaborate with. With this in mind, you can resume your morning duties.

As you go outside, it doesn’t matter if the sky is clouded or clear, if it’s rainy or windy. Mornings and daytimes represent the Yang dimension – the energy of activation and expansion. Take a deep breath in and focus on your Solar Plexus Chakra. Open yourself to the healing power of daylight and allow your Solar Center to be cleansed and recharged. Doing this at dawn and immersed in nature, greatly benefits you. Half an hour of meditation at daybreak will raise your vibration and dissolve the negative energy that is holding you back. Most of us don’t have the luxury to spend every morning in a forest or a park, but you can dedicate one morning a week (during your free days) to finding and rebalancing yourself outdoors.

After you wake up, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of water. Before drinking it, keep the glass between your hands and put your intention into it. Focus on the water in the glass and think the thoughts you’d like to see manifested. This technique mixes your intention with the energy of the water; as you drink the water, it changes your vibrational structure to match your objective. With every glass of water that you infuse with your desire, you are closer to the reality that you want to build for yourself.

Mind discipline and heart nurturing go hand in hand in the realm of manifestation. To attract more of what you want, commit to a life strategy that is founded on unconditional love and attention towards yourself. Everything you think becomes; so, choose and give nourishment to your thoughts carefully.

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