Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews: A Review

Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews
Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews review

Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews, is a program that goes in-depth into manifesting one’s mental and physical health, wealth, and happiness into one’s life. However, how does one “manifest” such things in their own life? The author, Heather Matthews, uses her system to explain how thinking positive can create real and tangible change in one’s life, and those around them.

By creating a positive state of mind, the environment around you, and attracting positive external stimuli in your life, the author believes that the mindset of a person must change into a direction that the individual is seeking in order to achieve it. This enables a person to think and most importantly, to perceive, the situations one finds oneself in, differently than they used to.

This change in perception leads to change in action—and with this, you manifest yourself a miracle in your own life and achieve what you have always wanted, by thinking differently and willing your own mind to see and interact with the world differently.

Sounds ideal, does it not? However, if it was that easy, everyone would do it. Matthews does not say that changing one’s mindset and outlook is easy to do or explain. For decades, there have been thousands of in-person seminars, online courses, websites, and books that claim or try to teach individuals on how to apply what is called, “The Law of Attraction,” but so many of them are simply rehashed versions from decades ago—these outdated teaching methods are not effective for today’s world and the modern issues we face.

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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not a phrase describing the attracting of two individuals in love—those who have not heard of the Law of Attraction and how it relates to improving one’s life, it is similar to this: with a positive mindset, comes positive actions, and with these positive actions and thoughts, will attract the things you want in life—from the job you are interviewing for, to attracting good friends, and having the life you want.

Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews, is a different book than all of the other literature and courses out there that claim to be able to teach the secret to happiness.

Manifestation Miracle’s package

Manifestation Miracle’s package

Manifestation Miracle’s package

Manifestation Miracle’s package includes:

  • The Manifest Miracle Manual
  • An Audio Version of the Book
  • An Entire Series of Recap Videos One can View After Each Chapter
  • Additional Manifestation Audio Recordings and Bonus Material (relating to creating good health, wealth, and
    happiness in one’s life.

To truly understand what you are getting with this package, it is important to read the following, which outlines the contents and the features of this package and what it offers you as a buyer of Heather Matthew’s book and audio.

First, is the Manifestation Miracle Manual itself. This manual (also referred to as the “book,” as well), is a total of 159 pages. It is essentially a step by step study the reader can follow, that outlines the process of how to get what you need and want out of your life—by changing one’s attitude, thinking, reactions, and more. With time and practice, Matthews states that the things you want in life will come to you through the Law of Attraction, as your positive thinking will lead to positive action.

Each chapter becomes progressively more in depth in strategy, but is offered to the reader in a relatable and easy way. To reap the full benefits, it is recommended that you not only read the book, but listen to the audio version of the book as well, and the supplementary videos and audio. This will allow the material to sink in and with each chapter building in strategy and character, you will better understand what Manifest Miracle is able to do for you.

There are even exercises at the end of each session, where you can be tasked a bit with making a small change in your day. These small practices start you off and show you how the process works as a means of introduction.

Manifestation Miracle Manual Review

The manual is split into five parts, each with additional chapters. The first part is the meaning of Manifestation Miracle—by now, reading this, you have an idea of what this is, but reading and hearing it from the perspective of the author, Heather Matthews, is an excellent introduction so that you fully understand the purpose and the intent of this book. In this part you learn to understand and how to choose what you want out of life.

Part two gets you in tune with what is called your “personal destiny.” Going into detail on how to find who you really are and how to get rid of things or people that are holding you back, this part teaches you how to unblock that road keeping you from maximizing your potential in life and being happy. The technique offered is first realizing who you are—just be yourself—reflect and realize that you are allowed to take care of and plan for you—you are not being selfish—this is your life. This is an especially important part in understanding how to “manifest” your destiny and how to utilize the Laws of Attraction personally in your life.

Part three contains material pertaining to desire and recognizing what you desire from life the most. This part has five additional chapters that deal with creating the vision you have to see to really make Manifestation Miracle work for you. Many try to utilize the Law of Attraction and hope it will change them but fail—this is because they did not bother to understand what it is or how it works. And so, they give up when life deals them a curveball. These chapters will put you in the right mindset and explain what you have to do, so you can avoid this pitfall due to lack of knowledge. It is not difficult—the exercises included are easy and will teach you how to properly use the Law of Attraction and change your life.

Part four is where Manifestation Miracle comes together. At this point, you have done the exercise and should be doing well in changing your outlook, reflecting upon yourself and what you want, as well as prepping you to doing something now, and not just thinking. This section will have you (hopefully) noticing some changes in parts of your life that have changed for the better. When that occurs, good begins to come your way. Your new demeanor, thought process, attitude, and actions will have changed and your friends and family will see a difference in you. This is not a magic trick—it does not happen overnight, but as you keep believing and keep your mind positive, it will begin to happen.

An important aspect to acknowledge and promise to defeat, is when things DO crop up that are negative or bothersome. Using the tools learned from Manifestation Miracle and the Law of Attraction, you have these tools that can back you up in those times of need. That is what life is all about. It will get you over those hurdles and you will handle them in ways you would not have before. This will hopefully surprise even yourself, and you will be satisfied and even happier after that time has passed. You should be proud of yourself.

The last part, part five, wraps everything up and gives the reader and learner the big picture to look at. Going into specifics about how you never really stop living the “Manifestation Miracle” way of life, you will understand that with your new mindset, changed attitude, and more positive and strong thought process, that you will not be the same person again, but a stronger, more positive individual who can handle not just daily life disappointments, but truly manifest a positive vibe and mindset that will empower you to weather any tests that come your way, and not stop you from building the life you want for yourself.


The “moral of the story” of Manifestation Miracle is: if you want or need something in your life bad enough (e.g., change, happiness, positivity, etc…), that it WILL come if you keep a steadfast hold on what you learn in this manual-with the teachings of maintaining a positive mindset and creating a different thought process, you can change your life by willing it so.

It takes some time—you cannot just read this book and start thinking good thoughts and expect miraculous happenstances a few weeks later. You can control yourself and positive mindset immediately, but it takes time to completely change your way of life by continuing this process rather than trying to use it once—it is indeed a way of life—long-term, and by focusing on yourself and what you want, you will realize it is not selfish to do so. You have a right to a better life, as you only have one. In the manner of Manifestation Miracle, you can do this AND those in your life will benefit too.

Manifestation miracle

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Manifestation Miracle Bonus Features

The added bonus selections that come with the book are aids and supplements that you really should utilize as you read and go through the process by Heather Matthews. As you know, an audio version of the book comes with this package and I HIGHLY recommend that you use it. The narration of this book is exceptional and concise—you will never feel that it rushes you or is too slow—it is perfectly suited for listening and ensuring that everything in the book is ingrained not only visually but through audio as well, which helps many people really cement the content into their being.

In addition to the audio, there are actually 22 videos included—these are the recap videos whose purpose is to provide a run through after every session, and go into additional detail about what you have learned thus far. It also houses more advice on how to use this process on a daily basis, so be sure to watch these videos—do not waste the extra input and learning opportunities offered.

manifestation miracle Heather Matthews recap videos

What makes these videos even more compelling, are the two individuals presenting the messages in them. Brooke Ryan and Mark Ling are very successful individuals who used the Law of Attraction in his own life to succeed. Mark Ling went from a pizza delivery man to an entrepreneur—where he made himself a millionaire—all by changing his outlook and using the tools that are also inside this book. Brooke Ryan is a successful certified hypnotist and has a first class honors degree in Psychology—her unique and relevant occupation and insight offer significant help in utilizing Manifestation Miracle.

Even better, not only does the package include the audio book, but additional audio MP3’s that help with meditation and mindfulness—these tracks are intended to help one clear the mind, meditate on the book’s Law of Attraction, focus on the self, and to help live a better and more confident life. There are even videos included where Mr. Ling actually tells the learner how he, himself, got into his positive mindset and became the businessman he is today. This is a very relatable video and a great addition to this pack.

Manifestation Miracle is not the only full audio book included—there are four e-books that explain how to trigger emotion and excitement in others, which leads to attracting positive people, sharing your enthusiasm (which looks great to bosses, coworkers, and strangers), as well as some surprising parts.

Surprisingly, there are ebooks that actually instruct one to “reboot” so to speak, one’s metabolism, increase one’s health vitality, and actual reversal of diseases (diseases in which the individual can control, such as weight-induced diabetes and the like). Included with a success workbook, you can keep track of your progress and with every book you read, audio file you listen to, and video you watch, you will find yourself, your own Law of Attraction to live by, and become the person you want to be.

Then, Who isn’t the Manifestation Miracle Program For?

As this package is based on thought process, mindset, and positivity, the only drawback of failure is if the individual themselves, fails. You must believe in Manifestation Miracle’s philosophy of the Law of Attraction and be able to truly change your mindset, positivity, behavior, and stick with it. It cannot help you manifest the destiny you want for your life unless you put the effort fort wholeheartedly and not just take part but live it.


Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthews is an in-depth and surprisingly incredible book with supplements that, should you commit to, really will change your life. If you want it, you can absolutely succeed with this book and its philosophies. It will make your life more peaceful, your mind more positive, and your mindset calmer; and your actions will reflect this.

In this Manifestation Miracle review, I consider this to be a highly recommended package that can change the way you think and live, and bring happiness and prosperity into your life, simply by committing to the process outlined in this manual. You will have step all the way through with additional videos, recaps, audio tracks, and other tools. With this, you can take charge of your life through the sheer power of will and your desire for a better and happier life. Click on the image below to go directly to the official website of Manifestation Miracle

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