How to manifest anything you want with the law of attraction

Be careful what you wish for, it’s not merely a saying, but a deeply embedded truth in our daily reality. Also, it is said that you cannot desire something that you were not meant to have. What does it all mean?


The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful laws in this Universe. What you focus on, appears in your reality. Action without intention lacks power, and you cannot manifest your desired circumstance before getting to know what you want. Finding what you want, on the other hand, comes through practice, and trial and error. Experiencing the unwanted first, shines a light on the things that we really want to call in our reality.

Four years ago I started to attend a meditation circle, where people gathered in order to send the Earth love and light. Every Monday, we sat together and began the visualization. The third time I decided to join the others in meditation, I noticed that before the breathing exercises started, everyone wrote down something on a piece of paper, folded the paper and put it in a wooden box. Curiously enough, I found out that they were writing their desires and intentions. I felt drawn to that process, so I immediately accompanied them. At that time, I knew I wanted a significant other. I knew the time had come for me to grow alongside a partner and to create a healing communion. I had been alone for such a long time, and I believed that I was ready to commit. I wrote down my desire and put it in the box. A week later, I had met my beloved; effortlessly, out of the blue, completely radiant and gracious. After a beautiful courtship, we became one.

Six months ago, I told a friend of mine about the meditation circle. She had no idea what had happened to me more than three years ago. She went there, saw the notes the others put in the box and decided to give it a try. She wrote down: “I have the perfect job for me right now”. She was jobless when she stated her intention, but also, she had faith that the time of change was there. After the meditation, she went home. The following day, she received an unexpected phone call: an acquaintance was offering her the job she always wanted.

You might think that there is something magical about that place but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The magic happened within, the moment we actually believed that we would receive what we needed and wanted. The cornerstone of manifesting is faith. When doubt is present, your reality gets delayed.

Here are five things you need to know and practice in order to become a Master Manifestor:

1, You are worthy of receiving anything you want. If you want glory or abundance, physical beauty or serenity, you were meant to experience them. From the Universe’s point of view, you are here to taste different vibrations and live the scenarios of your choice. It may not seem that way, but your freedom is so absolute, that you might now believe it.

2, If you want something, but you get always confused by doubt and feeling of unworthiness, what really happens is you self-sabotaging your expansion. The Universe is giving and caring and It arranges things in such a way that promotes your development. Know that the only thing that is keeping your from designing your world, is your mind.

3, When you formulate your desire, always use the present tense and positive expressions. If you want abundance, say to yourself: “I am abundance”, or “I experience abundance now”. Do not use negation as the Universe does not understand it. If you want a way out of pain, do not say: “I do not want pain”; instead, repeat to yourself: “I am healed and liberated.” Use the affirmations that resonate with you. If you feel powerless and depressed, jumping to a mantra such as: “I am love and strength” can feel like a lie. Make small steps. If you are in a state of profound sorrow and lack, tell yourself: “I am breathing in, I am breathing out”, or “I am safe here now”. This kind of affirmations will slowly raise your vibration and in time, you will be able to focus on higher frequencies such as Love and Light.

4, Replace self-harming thoughts, for example: “I am not good enough” or “I will never have enough money”, with simple mantras, such as: “I am abundant” or “All is well”. Witness your mind’s tendency for drama and negativity and gently work towards dissolving them.

5, Last but not least, practice gratitude. You may feel that there is nothing to be thankful for, but think outside of your mind’s box, for a change. There are people around you who cherish you, you may have a pet that looks at you with soulful eyes, you might be wearing some comfortable clothes as you are reading these lines. You have eyes to see the Sun, bodily receptors to feel the wind caressing your skin. Search within and find something to give thanks for. This will boost your openness and clear your head. This practice represents the foundation for consciously using the Law of Attraction.

You can play a game of Universal Attraction. Focus every day, for a week, on your desire. Think about your desire as you open your eyes in the morning and go to sleep with your intention consciously expressed. During the day, when doubt arises, replace it with what you want. Start small. Test it and you will see it works.

Write down your intention, sing it, paint it. Breathe it in and know it will happen.

What about you? What is that you want to manifest?

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