The various ways we can use the law of attraction for love relationships.

Do you have trouble finding the right life partner? Do you feel like you made many mistakes in love and are afraid to take chances? Do you want to figure out your soul mate ASAP?

You are not alone. We all have our share of misses, so stop feeling guilty, as if something is wrong with you. It is okay to make mistakes, learn from them and use your knowledge wisely.

This is a continuation of an earlier article on the “law of attraction”. You can find the article here

Let’s see the various ways we can use the law of attraction for love relationships.

1, Inner well-being & Attitude

Are you trying to achieve the below things from your relationship.

  1. To complete yourself
  2. To get pleasure and satisfaction
  3. To avoid loneliness

If you are with the above mind set, then there is a good chance of not feeling good in a relationship with anyone even with the right person. When we approach people with a “needy” mind set, people can figure it out unconsciously. You may then end up with another “needy” person. For a while the relationship might work out but the old mentality of needing more things to feel fulfilled will play out, leading to unhappiness and regular fights.

Imagine there are two dominos placed against each other like in the picture below. If one slightly moves, the other falls.

two dominos

Now see the dominos that are up straight. Even if one moves the other stands.


Feel fulfilled and go about relationships. The main focus of the law of attraction is the way you feel and think. Refer to the other article to see the ways to feel fulfilled. 

2, Be the love

Often people want a single person with whom they can share love. How about being a source of love to people who are in your life already. Share your joy with friends, family, colleagues, even strangers who may come into your life even for a few minutes. Be the source first and then you will receive love through many people, and one of them will reciprocate it more than the others and you may call that falling in love. Actually once you enjoy giving, you wouldn’t be worried if you will get it from someone or not.

source of love

Now you may want to know, how to be a source of love. I would recommend reading Eckhart Tolle’s and Anthony De Mello’s books. They will give you perspectives about being a source of true love and thus feel fulfilled. As law of attraction suggests, what goes around comes around. Be the source, feel the love, and be the love.

3, Fear and Honesty

There is a big fear in all of us. “What will he/she/they think about me?”

When we are going about in life or specifically trying to meet people to fall in love, having this fear drains our energy. Some people then start projecting a better version of themselves and then try hard to impress others. Let’s accept the fact that putting up a show or showing only a good side of our character is very tiring. It may lead to a good relationship for a short time and when the partners’ stop showing the nice sides, the not so nice sides start showing up leading to conflicts. It is better to be honest first with your selves about aspects of yourself you need to work on and also be honest to your potential partner about your positive and negative aspects.
law of attraction for love

Being honest provides you a higher vibration to feel fulfilled and also attract people of similar vibes. Be what you to want to see in others.

Our life is an adventure and it is a natural urge to share our good times and bad times with others. We share it with our friends, family and for the most part we have the urge to be with a special person who will be by our side for the good times and the bad times. You have to be comfortable by being in solitude first to enjoy company, feel happy single to feel happy as a couple. Be a source of what you want to receive. All the best!!

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