Limiting Beliefs That May Be Blocking Your Law of Attraction Success


They say that your biggest enemy is yourself and you have to agree with me that this is 100% true. So, what makes us our biggest enemies in life? Two things: the things we say to ourselves and the images in our minds. It’s the words and then the pictures and then the outcome of the two, which is our actions.

When the things we say to ourselves in the back of our minds are positive, and uplifting we expand, we grow and blossom into the unlimited beautiful human beings that we truly are, because we have a higher perspective upon ourselves and our life.

But when we constantly nag ourselves with negative self-criticism, that’s when we become our own biggest enemies turning into suffering human beings with self-confident and trust issues due to the limited and low perspective that we have used to create our reality.

And yes, it’s the limiting beliefs that block us from becoming the ultimate versions of ourselves, the limitless creatures we are deep within, the amazing beings living the ultimate life experience. Whatever limits you will not allow you to thrive, become successful and attract all the goodies into your life experience.

Here are the limiting beliefs about ourselves, the world and success that we use to sabotage ourselves. Once debunked, you have the power to change them and shift to the reality that you prefer and become exactly who you want to be in this life experience. Are you ready?

The Ultimate Limiting Belief about Yourself: “I am not Enough!”

There’s no other more powerful limiting belief that we unconsciously adopted than this one right here. The belief that we are not enough as we are. Since an early age, we have been programmed to function according to this extremely harmful and dangerous idea that we are not enough, and believe it or not this is the belief that governs most people’s lives today.

Due to this limiting belief, we rarely to ever feel that we are worthy of success in all its shapes and forms.

“Why would I be worthy to have lots of money, success, love, the most amazing career etc? I don’t deserve it! I’m not good enough to have all this! Out of all the people in this world, why should I deserve success? Who am I to have all this? I am nobody!”

Does this sound familiar to you? Most probably the answer is yes.

But you see, this is where you are wrong! You are an expression of the universe, of all that is, of everything. And if you wouldn’t be enough you’d be more than what you already are, since you are an expression of perfection. Once you understand that the universe doesn’t make mistakes, you can take off this heavy burden that you are not enough and start embracing the true limitless and extraordinary being that you are. Living it up!

The Most Limiting Belief about the World: “It Can’t be that Easy!”

Most people believe that success, abundance and riches don’t fall from trees, and that there’s a lot of hard work behind them. We think this cannot be this easy, right? That life must be a struggle, a constant excruciating and painful hard work where we compete for the scarcity of success in the world.

As if there’s only 1 success left available “in the store of life” and we all need that particular one, right? If you could quantify success as you would do with bread, this could probably makes some sense, but success is not a product and not a way or direction.

Being successful is not the same for everyone, in fact it is different for everyone and all you have to do to get it is to do yourself. Exactly! It is easy and things fall into place when we do what we are passionate about the most, when we have an attitude of play and even more so, when we don’t place success somewhere outside ourselves as an unattainable goal to reach, but as a state of being that we choose to have or don’t. Success is not something that you can get, but a state of mind that you can deliberately choose to live every day. It’s up to you. And remember: circumstances don’t create your reality, but your state of mind (beliefs) create everything around you. So, it’s not just that it CAN be that easy, it IS!

The Most Popular Limiting Beliefs about Money: Money is Evil!

Last but not least, it’s what you think about money, abundance and success that puts you on the same vibration with them or separates you from these things. A very common belief about money is that is bad to have money and that money is evil. Well let me tell you, if this your idea about money, you have to change it to invite money into your life. Money is a form of abundance, that although it is not a purpose in itself, it can be of great help to get you to where you want to be and help you live the reality that you prefer. Being poor isn’t a better choice right? Whatever you believe about money, success and all the other forms of abundance you make your reality. Instead of torturing yourself over “Money is evil” and “I have to struggle in life”, why don’t you ease your mind and experience what you prefer instead? This is a way better mantra, if I may.

I live in inspired a state of abundance. Everything that I want comes to me at the right time and I have everything already sorted out for me because I am an expression of the universe, thus I am perfect and complete. Success dwells within me and my life is truly amazing, therefore I am grateful for being myself, I am grateful for my money and health, for the unconditional love that created me with the purpose to thrive, to live abundantly and to experience the extraordinary divine being that I am with every breath that I take. I am worthy, I am holy, I am complete, I am enough. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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