Law of Attraction Exercises to Help You Manifest More

Hope you had a good understanding about the law of attraction from our previous article. In this article we will look into more details, the different exercises you can follow for attracting more of what you want in your life and stay fulfilled.Law of Attraction Exercises to Help You Manifest More

1 Gratitude

As discussed before, the crux of the law of attraction is to be in the “fulfilled” state rather than the “needy” state. What better way to be in that state than practising gratitude. Take some time every day and be thankful for all the things in your life. Your body, your possessions, your family, friends, and the other people who came into your life, the different life experiences you have had, how the good as well as the bad experiences shaped your life, our beautiful planet called earth and all the beings in it. The list is endless. Every day in the morning relax, take a deep breath and say the thankful thoughts as below.

I thank the totality/god/life for …………………………..

Complete the statement according to your desire and then visualise the things or beings you are thankful for and feel how wonderful it is to really be in gratitude. Do no more than 5 to 10 thoughts in one stretch. You may change your gratitude thoughts every day and have fun.

2 Meditation and visualization

Another wonderful way of being in a high frequency is to meditate. You may or may not want to do a standard meditation where you sit and follow different techniques. My favourite ways to meditate are

  1. To feel the inner body as Eckhart Tolle explains in his books
  2. Watching my thoughts objectively as if watching a movie or reading a book

Experiment with different techniques and see what suites you best.

After reaching a high frequency state, visualise what you to achieve and imagine yourself taking different steps involved to reach your goal, enjoying and having a great time. Imagine how your work positively impacts others. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Don’t spend a lot of time visualising, 10 minutes a day is good. Get up and get things done with joy in your heart.

3 Are you worthy?

A lot of times, we don’t believe we are good enough to achieve what we want. When we have made mistakes in the past, we accumulate guilt and our conditioned thinking patterns start to believe we are somehow not worthy. This ultimately lowers our frequency and creates fear. Watch the negative thoughts and stop trying to push them away. What you resist persists. Instead be the watcher, let the energy of those thoughts run around in your mind. Smile at them. When you watch them objectively, you don’t feed them anymore and they lose their hold over you. Be aware of negativity, don’t allow it take over you.

4 What worked out

We tend to focus more on what didn’t work out for us. How about focusing on what worked out. Make a list at the end of each day about what got done by you, the things that went right, how life/god/totality helped you by arranging the different people, situations and objects to get those things done. Whenever you feel like your frequency is getting low, open up your journal and read through the lists. It is an awesome feeling and will definitely raise you up. Life supports us in countless ways every day, open your eyes and see the magic.

5 Sense perceptions

Gosh, if you don’t enjoy your sense perceptions, you are missing out on a lot of joy. Whenever possible feel your sense perceptions, we have five senses and a lot of external stimuli but most of the time we focus on only a fraction of our perceptions. Example: You are driving down a road. Be aware of how the steering feels, how your car seat feels along your back, how your are breathing in and breathing out, the beauty in different objects that you see, different sounds your hear. These perceptions make you realise what a treasure trove you have to enjoy and take you towards to a fulfilled frequency than a needy one.

Try out the above techniques. Go easy on yourself. Test the results from how good you feel every day and how much energy you are able to put into your work instead of only the end goal. Remember, the journey is more important than the destination. Let us know how these techniques helped you.

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