How to stop worrying about the future and live in the NOW

stop worrying about the future


Worrying represents a misuse of our imagination. Instead of consciously using our minds to create what we desire, we give in to the mind’s tendency towards enhancing what is less wanted. Uncertainty is something we are all dealing with. What our minds do is projecting negative scenarios into the uncertainty, instead of using this white canvas as a manifesting tool. We cannot get rid of uncertainty; this is not something that can be controlled or foreseen. From the point where we are at right now, we can only plant the seeds for what we want to experience. And from these seeds, a new design for our lives will emerge. The more we understand this fundamental truth, the more peace we invite in our daily living.

stop worrying about the future

Most of us have been dwelling in spaces of worrying for so long, that reorienting towards something new and fresh seems difficult. Therefore, how do we stop worrying about the future?

In order to answer this question, we need to get involved into a process of self-inquiry. Self-inquiry represents the practice of questioning our memories, habits and thoughts, in order to determine their impact upon our lives. Ask yourself:

  1. Where am I at this point?

  2. What kind of thinking brought me here?

  3. What do I fear the most?

  4. Have my fears manifested in my life? And if so, did my mental scenarios match reality?

  5. How much time do I spend worrying?

  6. It is kind for me to replace worrying with a different projection?

In order for us to understand how to relieve the burden of worrying, we need to understand the correlation between our thinking patterns and what appears in our reality as a result of believing those thoughts. Everything is energy. Thoughts are energy forms that exist in the collective consciousness; they are attracted to individuals that develop and feed certain core beliefs. For example, if I mentally increase my idea of perfectionism – that is rising up to a false mental image that I have about myself, I open myself to disturbing self-judgmental thoughts such as: “I am not good enough”, “ I could have done better”, “ I must force myself into doing this or that”. The moment we become aware that our mental image about ourselves is simply a reflection of the ego, we are able to dissipate these thoughts by focusing positively on what is already great and lightful within us.

There being said, in order to stop worrying about the future and live in the now, the following tips come in handy:

1, Practice self-acceptance.

Look at yourself from an objective standpoint. Acknowledge all the things that you have been through and all the lessons that you have learnt.

2, Do not hurry

Do not hurry so much in leaving your current self behind and in growing into something different. Your expansion happens in the deepest layers of our being and most of the time, this process is ungraspable for the mind.

3, Practice resting into the company of your own being.

Breathe into the present moment and embrace what you think you are and have right now. Become comfortable with yourself.

4, Open yourself to the world at large.

From this point, open yourself to the world at large. Know that you a precious by-product of this world. Remember the dormant artistry of creation that you carry within and wake it up. Acknowledge that you are not a victim of circumstance, but an artisan of what is. Worrying dissolves in self-empowerment. Uncomfortable situations may arise, as we are all sharing an ever-changing perspective. Masters say that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Pain is dealing with an earth-shattering event; suffering is what we think should have happened instead of what has already happened. Worrying fuels suffering, as it recreates the future based on past experiences. Worrying gives you the illusion of becoming prepared in the case of unfortunate events. This is absolutely not true nor serving your peace of mind. No amount of worrying can prepare us for things that may come. What worrying does is to alter our present state of mind and propel us into painful visualizations.

Worrying happens when faith in ourselves is not strong enough. Worrying happens when we constantly absorb the vibration of victimhood. Worrying is linked to fear, lack of trust and anxiety. We can reduce these emotions though various breathing techniques, meditation and harmonizing practices such as yoga.

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