How to Let Yourself Be Free of the Need for Approval

One of the biggest personal challenges is to follow our own paths in life regardless of the general trend and everyone else’s opinions. This is even harder because it comes against our need to be approved by others, by our parents, the society and so on.

How to Let Yourself Be Free of the Need for Approval

This need of approval can be somewhat translated as “I need you to love me, indifferent of what I choose to become”.

It may sound simple, but when you want to ride the wave against the majority of people, have a job that is less common and have a radically different lifestyle than most people, things get a bit more difficult.

However, when we are connected to the divine source, we know deep inside ourselves that we have been created out of unconditional love, that the universe supports our path that is in alignment with our true selves. When you truly know yourself and what your path in this life is, then you know you’re at the right place at the right time, so you don’t need approval and validation from others for your actions.

The thing is, most people are rather separated from the mighty infinite source and find it rather difficult to know where they are, if they’re doing the right thing, if they’re living the life that they actually want.

Basically, the need of approval comes in play when you’re not 100% sure this is you and this is what you want to do in this moment of your life. When you don’t know for sure that you really want to this, then you ask for other people’s approval and validation of yourself.

Putting yourself in a place of knowing is the best possible cure for setting yourself free from what other people think of you and their approval for who you are.

But what is this “knowing” and how can you “know” 100% that you’ve chosen the right direction in your life? Well, this may sound a bit complicated, but I assure you is not as difficult as you may think.

The First Step Is Knowing Who You Are

You are infinite love, infinite light, a 1 to 1 replica of the source that has created all that is. You are an expression of unconditional love that needs to experiment itself.

From this perspective, you are here to rediscover who you were all along and who you are not, by putting yourself into situations that will offer you this important teaching. This is who you are truly, at the core, and your personality, your reality and the world you’re living in, are but the circumstances that you’ve attracted to remember yourself, to re-learn who you are and always was.

Going a bit further on this idea, there’s no way, shape or form in which you can fail. So why would you need someone else’s approval and validation to be who you choose to be?

Every Life Choice Is Perfectly Valid, You Can’t Be Wrong

Once you know what you’re made of and who you are, you will understand that every choice that you make is perfectly valid, because it stems from the source’s desire to experiment itself through you. And believe me, there’s no one out there that can tell you how to live your life experience and experiment yourself better than you do.

In conclusion, you don’t need anyone’s approval for being the version of yourself that you want to experience. At the same time, if every choice is valid, it’s your choice to make the best choice for your higher good. Making the best choice for your own best interest is the same with making the best choice for the entire world. So, when do you know that what you do truly serves your highest purpose? Simple: by the way it makes you feel.

Choosing the Path of Good Feeling for Fulfilling Your Higher Purpose

If the things that you do make you feel good, make you feel happy and inspired, then congrats! You’ve made the right choice for you and you need no one’s approval and validation for yourself. However, if you have the feeling that what you do doesn’t make you happy and fulfilled, like your job or some aspects regarding yourself, you should focus more on a higher perspective of yourself and work into that direction.

At the same time, don’t confuse the state of feeling good with any sorts of addictions, because addiction is just a pale replacement for a natural state that comes from within yourself. People use addictions to create a fake state of connection to the source that they don’t seem to succeed to create without their addictions. Don’t confuse addictions with your best interest and dig deeper within yourself to see what definitions you have about yourself that have caused these addictions.

3 Things to Consider when Going for What You Want

In the end, there are only three things you need to always consider when making your life decisions:

  • Taking responsible for your choice
  • Making the choice from a place of awareness
  • Being true to yourself

Regardless of what other people think of you, what’s really important is what you think of yourself. In this sense, you should not look for other people’s approval of you because you’ve already been 100% approved when you’ve arrived into this world.

You should rather focus on yourself, on the deeper layers of yourself, and no matter what you do in life, you need to take responsibility for your actions, living in a state of awareness and making conscious choices and being honest to yourself. When these conditions are met and you also feel good about the choices that you’ve made and the place you are in your life, other people’s opinions will no longer matter anymore.

Remember: it’s not the other people who we should look to for the need of approval, it’s ourselves. And when you truly know yourself and have a higher understanding of how life goes and who you want to be, there’s no chance to be wrong for the unique life experience that you are.

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