Are you on the path to ultimate life success?

You are on the wrong path when:

  • The situation at hand is costing you your power.
  • You feel drained. Tired is OK. Drained means depleted and that’s a red flag.
  • You feel wildly confused about where your life is going.
  • You are especially on the wrong path when you feel like you are “losing yourself” to a particular situation.
  • If you find yourself saying “I can’t help feeling like I lost myself,” then you’ve probably betrayed yourself in some way.

You’re on the right path when:

  • You’re not doing things that make you uncomfortable.
  • You’re not saying things you later apologize for.
  • You don’t feel the need to compromise on the Big Deal Stuff.
  • You feel your sense of value or worth and see it mirrored back by your environment.
  • You’re confident in your choices and life (and aren’t afraid to say so).

These are all tell-tale signs that you are fulfilling your divine potential in life.

So, Are you on the path to ultimate life success?

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Enjoy and go well!

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