4 Unexpected “Spiritual” Things To Do When You See 4444

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There’s no escaping it, despite your high spiritual goals and pursuits.

You are a physical being. You exist here on this physical plane, and all of what you feel, think and say out loud filters down onto this third-dimensional realm and manifests here for you to experience.

It’s not an easy place to be.

It’s slow, it’s dense and can be as full of problems and pain, as it holds sunshine and joy (and the rough spots are really our best places to learn – it’s good to remember this).


But, we’re currently moving through an incredible point in human history, of collective evolution into higher states of consciousness. We’re waking up to life beyond the physical, to dimensions above the third.

We can access the energetic and spirit realms far more easily than our recent “civilised” ancestors could (or perhaps we’re just able to speak a little more freely than they were?) These are exciting times to be alive, that’s for sure!

So it can be easy to think we need to rush fast in the direction of the astral planes, to explore, weave magic and connect with guides and angels, and spend less and less time present here in the world of flesh and blood, work and school and ‘ordinary’ reality.

But in fact, the very opposite maybe true for you, especially if you have started seeing repeating numbers, and in particular the number 4.


The 4 holds the vibration of materiality, physicality, practicality and prosperity.

It expresses strong stability, and this is revealed so clearly and graphically – and so, so poetically – when the number is made physical (picture a square – the foundational shape of so much of our humanly-build world).

So when you are seeing repeating 4s – 4444, 14:44, 4:44 – it’s a sure sign that you need to focus less on the spiritual, energetic and astral realms, and more on the nuts-and-bolts real world around you.


It can genuinely be hard to know how to do this without abandoning your conscious intent, so here are 4 unexpected things to do when you see repeating 4s, that are no less “spiritual” for their physical nature!


To embody the world more fully, you must first embody your own physical form as thoroughly and absolutely as you can. A quick body scan is a really great way to begin – close your eyes and run your conscious awareness through every inch of your body, from top to toe, checking for muscular tension, aching joints or any places that you feel uncomfortable or imbalanced.

Work to rectify these sites of pain one by one using immediate and quick-fixes like stretching or shifting posture, or by going deeper with a course of yoga, massage or a regular exercise routine.


Yep, I know gratitude is a feeling, and not so much of a physical expression … or is it? In this case, using gratitude to receive the lessons of repeating 4s needs to be a grounded, physical experience.

So put your gratitude journal to one side. These numbers are asking you to get out into the world and and express your wonder and thanks for life by experiencing it!

Some quick examples of this are:

Giving gratitude for your family, by cooking some food, and sharing an evening with them.

Giving gratitude for your friends, by framing a photograph of you all and giving it as a gift.

Give gratitude for the possessions you own by appreciating their beauty and usefulness, and Giving or throwing away those that you don’t appreciate and use.

Giving gratitude for your freedom by exploring it – go and get lost in the woods, or walk up that mountain you only normally drive past in your car!

I’m sure you can think up loads more ways to enact your gratitude for life!


The devil’s in the details … and so is the magic!

Seeing repeating 4s can be a sign that your beam of perspective is spread too wide, and you need to pull the focus of your attention back in.

So you could need to spend some serious time looking at the finer details and the delicate minutia which holds the structure of your life together.

This may mean looking how you manage your time at work and play. It may be a sign to dig into the details of a new project you’re bringing to life.

It may mean going through paperwork, contracts and the officialdom required to keep modern life held together, or perhaps you need to take an honest look at where you’re spending your money …


The number 4 holds the vibration of prosperity. You may know that the 8 correlates strongly with wealth and monetary and business success, so it follows that 4 holds the foundational pieces of this state (and as soon as the 4 starts repeating – 4:44, 4444 – it forms an echo of the 8).

So one of the best ways to work with repeating 4s if they keep showing up for you is to pull out your bank statements, find your calculator and a few blank spreadsheets and devote an afternoon to delving into your personal finances.

Peer right inside your financial reality, lay it all out on the table, inhabit it and make friends with the amount of money flowing in and out of your life. It may not feel glamorous, but believe me, this is how you will create the foundations for SO much more to enter into your life.


The guidance that they bring from the spirit world are intended for the highest good of all, so even when the direction you are taken in feels decidedly un-spiritual, follow the signs and you won’t be led off-course!

Are the 4s showing up for you at the moment?

Are you being encouraged to ground more fully into the “real world”?

Share your synchronicities and magical moments with us by sharing below!

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