3 Worries You Need to Get Over

Let’s face it, sometimes we worry about the wrong things. Sometimes we worry about nothing.

Where has it ever really gotten us?

A lot of our worrying is really just in our heads. They are often the worst case scenarios, that, let’s face it, rarely ever happens.

…But we feel good preparing ourselves for the worst, emotionally.

For people suffering from anxiety, worrying is not so much a choice because it’s ingrained in them.

It can be more difficult to ask them to just stop worrying, but we can soothe their minds and try to appeal to their logic.

Here are the top 3 worries that we need to cross out from the list:

Worry #1. That people will judge you

For being successful, for what you wear, what you don’t wear, where you go on vacation, what you do for a living, how much you make…

The list is endless.

The truth is, you’re right. People will judge you. But some people will love you.

Then, there are also people who won’t care either way.

The fact is, so what?

It’s easier to say it than to actually think it because we care about what other people think. But it’s really none of our business what they think of us.

So stop worrying that they’re judging you. Everybody is. Even our friends and family.

The difference is that the ones who matter will accept you no matter what.
The ones who stab you in the back will always have something bad to say about you. So just be how you want to be.

Worry #2. That you’re not ready

Have you ever been ready and the opportunity just doesn’t come? How about when opportunities come barging in and you tell yourself you’re not ready? Ahh, the irony of life.

We’re never really ready– to end that longterm relationship that’s gone bad, to shift to a whole new career, to transfer to a new city, to buy a car, to buy a house.

You can prepare yourself to be ready, then leave the rest to learning.

You’ll learn about what it takes in your new job, you’ll learn how to budget your salary to afford that car or house, you’ll learn how to love yourself more to get you ready for your next relationship.

Don’t be afraid to do what you have to do or want to do. You’re always as ready as you’ll ever be.

Worry #3. That you’re not enough

In a romantic relationship, it’s normal to worry that our partner might suddenly realize that we’re not good enough for them, that we lack certain things that they might be looking for, that we’re not good-looking enough or rich enough.

But love doesn’t care. Love accepts.

It strengthens us and gives us the courage to either not care about what’s lacking or to never give up trying to make ourselves better.

At work, when you feel that you’re not good enough, you can keep trying to learn new things, keep yourself fresh, show initiative, be willing to go the extra mile.

If you weren’t good enough, you wouldn’t have the job. So prove to yourself that you’ve earned that seat.

There will always be people smarter, better-looking, better-suited, and richer than you.

But there will never be someone who’s exactly like YOU. That’s your edge.

So appreciate the differences and celebrate them.

Focus your energy where it matters and STOP worrying.

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