3 Simple Steps To Stop Sabotaging Yourself


Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies.

It’s sad, but true…

Even when we think we’re doing all the right things, our subconscious can sneak
out and undo some of our best plans.

As a result, if we don’t first get control of our deeply-rooted urges and addictions
to past behaviors, creating our dreams can be a lot like trying to control a bull
in a china shop. Not an easy task, right?

So if you feel like you’ve been sabotaging your own success, and can’t quite figure
out exactly why or how it’s happening, try these 3 simple steps for building a pen
for the bull 
that might be living in your subconscious

Step 1 – Identify the bull in the herd

Our subconscious is a wonderful place full of ideas, instincts and intuition. These
inherent traits make up who we are and how we act. For the most part, they are
prized attributes.

But, if your subconscious is sabotaging you, it needs to be wrangled in.

– Spend some time in meditation focusing on what you DO want.
– Then, move to the things you already do that can help you achieve those goals.
– And lastly, try to identify the habits that are keeping you from success…

If you’re having a hard time identifying your bull or perhaps figuring out which
is your dominant bull in the herd (I suggest dealing with one ‘bull’ – or your
biggest obstacle – at a time)…

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quick quiz.

Then, once you’ve identified the bull that’s keeping you from reaching success,
try to…

Step 2 – Separate the bull from the herd

You should never look a bull in the eyes, nor should we stare down our own inner
struggles. Giving focused attention to your obstacle can increase the tension and
allow your bull to go wild.

Instead, try to find the root cause.

Some people spend time toiling on the internet or watching TV, but focusing on
watching TV won’t change the way you feel or act. Rather, identify the main
reason you’re experiencing the problem. Why is it that you feel frustrated,
unhappy or anxious? What is the real, ‘deep down’ reason that’s causing you

Once you have identified the obstacle (and separated the bull from the herd)

Step 3 – Use the bull to grow the herd

After identifying the obstacle, you have a chance to embrace it and use it
to your advantage.

You simply need to find a way to meet the needs of your bull-ish urges, while
not detracting from your main goals.

Many of us have a need for nearly constant stimulation. I like to listen to music
(rather than watching TV for example) while doing other things to provide
that stimulus without completely distracting me from the task at hand.

Whatever you see as being your biggest obstacle, you can always get to a point
where it can be neutralized, or even better, used to your advantage.

The best way to get started is to practice visualizing yourself in the life you
want, with clear intention and emotion.

And to help you do that, first figure out what your #1 Success Blocker is, so
you can more easily attract all of the things that matter to you the most.

What are you waiting for? Get started now 🙂


About the Author: Natalie Ledwell is a Law of Attraction expert, bestselling
author and speaker. She also hosts an online TV Show, The Inspiration Show,
and is a co-founder of the personal development company, Mind Movies, which
offers online courses and coaching programs, like Ultimate Success Masterclass.
Natalie is passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams
and ambitions through personal transformation.

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